We are dedicated to developing and manufacturing of multi-cell PCM, BMS, Battery charger and accumulated rich experience on different applications.
Our products are widely applied for battery packs for electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers, power tools, telecom BTS energy storage,motorboat , modular battery,automobile start-stop battery,e-scooter/e-motorcycle battery, swapping/leasing battery, small forklift battery module and home ESs, etc.

PCM & BMS & Charger<br />We are the industry benchmark PCM & BMS & Charger
We are the industry benchmark
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PCM BMS & Battery Charger
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Main Features of Our PCM:
1.International brand protection IC with high detection accuracy and stable performance and fully protection functions;
2. Professional protection solution for different application;
3. Customized special functions for different customer request, such as charge handshaking, charge latching ,charge anti-spark, smart heating for low temperature,support GPS module, failure diagonosis and history record, cycle counting, etc.;
4. Passed international certificate of UL,CE, IEC, IOS,ECE, KC, etc on customers' battery packs;
5.High safety, high reliability and high cost-efficiency;
6. Parameters strictly follow actual performance, never put on fake parameters.
Main Features of our BMS:
1.Support 3~30S with continuous current up to 300A, can be tailored version;
2.Isolated CAN/RS485, buck circuit from total voltage for isolated power supply to communication, support upgrade via communication;
3.High accuracy SOC/SOH, using currentintegral+OCV+temperature compensation+Kalman Filtering reckon method;
4.Low power consumption, power down mode consumption<10uA;
5.Multi-balancing mode, combination of charge balancing and idle balancing bring obvious effect;
6.Multi protection mechanism on current and voltage, independent watchdog design, software fail-safe and high reliability;
7.Independent control on GPS power supply, coordinate with power down mechanism
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Q1: When can I get the prices?
Answer : Within 12 hours after we received your inquiries.
Q2 How to the shipping?
Answer: For sample, door to door Express (such as DHL, FedEx, UPS etc.), for batch order, We normally ship by air or by sea.
Q3:Can you provide customized service?
Answer:Yes, we can redesign and customize the product according to your needs

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R & D team R & D team

Engineers occupied 30% in all emplowees, Developing 2-3 new model BMS each day, meet many kinds of application.

Production Capacity Production Capacity

BMS: 200,000 Sets/month
PCM: 500,000 Sets/month
Charger: 120,000 sets/month

Uniqueness Uniqueness

We are the first one factory that have BMS, Charger and Controller together.

Reliable Reliable

Zero mass failure report since we do overseas market.

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